On account of his monologue after the fresh comic strip series, it is unsure just what Kiyotaka thinks of their dating

On account of his monologue after the fresh comic strip series, it is unsure just what Kiyotaka thinks of their dating

The very first connections in it Kiyotaka applying for Ken to become listed on Suzune’s research group, but the guy initially became they down. Kiyotaka after noticed Ken when he is actually facing Kakeru and his boys just before Honami broke it up. He then stopped Ken of escalating the fresh brawl further before welcoming him once again on analysis category, no matter if Suzune needed to encourage your subsequent to become listed on

Which was a huge step to possess Yosuke just like the apart from Kei, in addition to their phony relationships, the guy handled individuals similarly rather than called some body by the its earliest label as the event when you look at the secondary school

When the entire class enacted the test, Ken is the only 1 whom failed to score a dying degree and you may was at threat of are expelled, but Kiyotaka involved their aid as well as Suzune by the losing 50,100000 things for every to cease they. Afterwards, a celebratory people is actually thrown within Kiyotaka’s place where Ken and you will their household members sit-in. Whenever Kikyo hinted one to Kiyotaka assisted Ken out, people prevented the products and you may looked to see if this is genuine but he introduced the full borrowing so you can Suzune.

Whenever Ken is accused out-of fighting youngsters out of C-Group, Kiyotaka chose to assist in preventing Ken’s expulsion of the enlisting the aid of anyone else, in addition to Honami and you can Airi just who each other helped collect research.

For the Episode 5, he is mostly of the pupils which encountered the Student Council to assist establish Ken’s innocence in the fighting incident.

Whenever C-Classification withdrew their issue facing Ken, the guy gladly told Kiyotaka of the development. Once again, Kiyotaka hid their wedding in the process from the congratulating Ken and providing Suzune the credit, leaving Ken to wonder if the Suzune really did help. Following the temporary celebration, Ken leftover to have behavior as the Kiyotaka featured on.

Regarding light books, he’s shown to be towards the a conditions and look to end up being close friends however it is unknown when the he it is observes your as such. Far afterwards, Ken is actually shocked observe several of Kiyotaka’s real speciality on the activities event and was disong girls.

As opposed to Kanji and you can Haruki, who are envious and you will feel an enthusiastic inferiority advanced so you’re able to Kiyotaka, Ken nevertheless hangs around him even after his the dominance.

Yosuke Hirata

It first found whenever D-Group introduced by themselves and you may Kiyotaka immediately suspected Hirata would be well-known. Hirata and applauded your in making an endeavor inside the addition.

It don’t properly interact through to the sail, in which Yosuke tried to rating Kiyotaka to become an intermediary during the bringing Suzune Horikita to track down toward better words to the category.

Into the success shot, he and you will Yosuke is suitable together in the creating go camping. When Kei’s undies try stolen, Yosuke featured this new men in their eyes and Kiyotaka consider he may be stuck given that Yosuke receive him or her to the him (once Kanji set her or him on the your). However, Yosuke protected having your much so you’re able to Kiyotaka’s shock. Kiyotaka questioned why just like the Yosuke shown he realized one to Kiyotaka wouldn’t do everything. Which designed the guy trusts him so you’re able to a qualification, even with rarely once you understand him.

Adopting the success sample, it’s indicated that Kiyotaka cannot admit Yosuke just like the an ally, but simply a beneficial pawn in assisting your winnings.

In the light novels, Kiyotaka cannot fully trust Yosuke even with reading brand new injury throughout the his buddy’s suicide one added him becoming a were not successful college student and you will get into group D. Kiyotaka suspects which isn’t the real need and cannot give whether he is lying or not.

In return, Yosuke seemed to provides trapped onto Kiyotaka’s wedding inside their class’ success. Into the regularity 11, when Yosuke had disheartened because the the guy experienced ineffective getting not being able to help save Yamauchi, Kiyotaka decided to go to consult Yosuke. Yosuke following in the long run knowledgeable part of Kiyotaka’s correct nature: high-pressure, cooler. In the event Kiyotaka try playing with terrible words to consult Yosuke, the new feelings that was bottled up in this your hurried out together with his tears. Then thanked Kiyotaka. Then, in frequency eleven.5, Yosuke ran and you can look for help from Kiyotaka about this relationships and like, immediately after solving one situation, Yosuke expected when the he may telephone call Kiyotaka from the his first name, as well as, Kiyotaka agreed. It indicates that Yosuke have probably shifted regarding one to incident. Hirata possess a lot of esteem and you may faith apply Kiyotaka, and you may create guard your should your condition ever before comes up eg in the event the group guessed your off cheating to track down full scratching toward Math test gratis incontri sobrio.